5 Important Steps for starting your own Film making company

Tired of working under the guidance of other film-makers, and thinking to start your own film company, this article is just for you, making a bunch of best short films is just not enough for your company to be on the top and you to be a successful businessman.

Here, are some points you should make a note of before starting your company:

1. Film-Distribution

Without clear information on how to distribute your film and its rights, you should not be moving ahead, skipping this step will cause you loss in the near future. Publishing your film on YouTube or any similar platform is not enough, what about the audience who are not active on the internet? For them, you have to release your movies on a large platform as well, for that you need contact various people who are in this business and discuss with them.

2. Get a Team

“If you want to walk faster walk alone, but if you want to walk far, walk together”, to grow and develop your business you need a team that can contribute in film-making by performing different roles like

Head of Production, Head of Marketing, Head of development etc., along with them you should have a creative team which includes makeup artist, cameraman etc.

3. Raise some Money

You can fulfill your dream of making short-film belonging to your own production house by conducting a campaign trail for raising the money, or by approaching big production houses with a film script, you can also apply for government funding, by following some easy steps. You can also arrange money by crowd-funding. When these methods seem to fail you can personally approach investors or brand companies to invest and become sponsors of your film.

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