Top Creative Ways To Promote Your Shortfilm

Top Creative Ways To Promote Your Shortfilm

A shortfilm is a creative way to express emotions and sentiments through a dynamic plot and also a great way to explore the cinematic field for promising directors. With the soaring number of filmmakers it becomes difficult to receive recognition.

Have an interesting plot on your mind regarding a shortfilm, but franctic about advertising it? This article helps you with the ways to promote your shortfilm and gather viewers.

  1. Social Networking #

Hitch to the masses on a personal level with this tool. A facebook page where you can post continuous updates about your shortfilm would gather attention. You could also use the paid option of boost up for promotion. Use whatsapp messages for promotion, create groups. Hash tagging is the latest trend on social media and it can be used as a great tool to promote your movie by hash tagging your movie’s name along with its date of release. Creating a stir by tweeting and hash tagging. It would be best if it starts trending.

  1. A website for your shortfilm

A base where you can update all the insights about your film , interviews, certifications , brand partners and attract viewers.

The website design must be kept in mind so that it represent the film.  After it is ready it can be submitted on other sites like Google Business, Yellow Pages, Pinterest, Yahoo Answers, Buzfeed, Reddit which wil easily cater it to a larger mass for free. This buzz could end up bringing you sponsors or even influential media houses.

  1. Vlogs

If you have a youtube channel or know somebody who has it you could use it to promote the movie with continuous trailing banners on the screens and airing vlogs, interviews, or behind the scenes of your movie. Showcase interesting ,inquisitive ,curious sneak peeks which keep the eyes rolling.

  1. Enticing teaser

Peak your viewers curiosity ! how? By creating a jaw dropping teaser  which sparks their interest that and leaves them in awe. The teaser should cater the audience of all age groups and genre for a better response to the movie.

  1. A gripping trailer

It is said that first impression makes the last impression and it fits aptly to our subject, the trailer should be intriguing such that the viewers are instigated not to slip the movie. The trailer should be not be lengthy enough but brief about the plot of the story.

  1. Emailing media houses

If you want the biggies in your field to recognize your talent then you gotta approach and show it to them . You could email the media houses about your project giving them a brief introduction about yourself and your movie. Remember to put your complete contact information, you might receive a call if they feel interested in your project. If you have experience, made some film before or been a part of some similar project you might want to mention it to boost your chances.

  1. Tags and keywords

Use commonly used tags and most searched keywords in the description of your movie to get increased number of clicks. Tags like “best short film” “award winning short film” “funniest short film” “most creative short film” etc. will fetch you viewers.

  1. Similar searches

Search for similar movies of your plot and in the comment sections reply to above comments by providing a link of your movie.

  1. Articles

Blogs or articles about your interest in the film/media field, your ideas and experience can help gather followers and build an image. You can also talk about how your efforts towards your project.

  1. Submission

If this is your first attempt you should be focusing on reviews rather than money making, you could submit your movie on portals like Amazon Prime Videos, NetFlix, Mobile tv Apps,, Showbox, Tubi tv etc.

  1. Through other websites

Through websites like Film Shortage, YouTube Vimeo, Reel 13,  Viddsee, The Smalls, The Mini Cinema ,  I Love Short Films , OTTAWA, Short Films Global , Short Film Network promotion can further be boosted and could also bring international recognition.

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