10 Simple Secrets on Making a Short film

A short film is defined as a small movie presentation which cannot be termed as a feature movie. Short movies are made worldwide both on small and large scales. The purpose behind making a short film could be many which generally include for commercial benefits, for social awareness and advertisements.

The following points are Secrets on Making a Short Film:

  1. The first and foremost point for a good short film is to find suitable people who are able enough to fit themselves into various requirements of the project. This includes a director, a producer, script writer, cinematographer, editor, and the most important, good actors who can portray the emotions of the writer into the movie so as to make it look real. Film Making all consists of good managing skills, that is, how an individual is able to manage up all the ups and downs during the making and how he handles different situations. The director is the real manager of the crew who supervise the smooth running of all the things for getting things done.
  2. A Good Script not only makes the movie look attractive and fancy but also attach the audience with certain emotions be it laughter of grief. This is a universally accepted psychological fact that human beings feel more attached to anything when they are engaged through emotions. Winning the combination of both Heart & Mind of the audience is necessary to be successful as a good writer. This also has to be kept in mind that in short time (Probably 8-10 minutes) the writer has to sum up everything. This includes both beginning & climax of the video which has to be covered up in a short span.
  3. Availability of essential equipment is also important here. Because sometimes, small & petty things like clarity of both audio & video not only make things straight and clear but also beautifies the message so that it is easy for the audience to interpret and understand.
  4. Proper lighting systems and correct environment do make it easier to shoot a film. Especially when the project is shot outside, the correct amount of sunlight entering the camera is pretty much essential for a good shot.
  5. All the small detailing work such as the details of the background and foreground, both object and subject should be taken care of so as the message which is being portrayed by the artist is clear to the audience. This is important to be taken care of because here you barely have enough time to solve & un solve mysteries which general audience hate in a short movie. Nobody wants to be in a state of confusion at the end of the movie.
  6. The famous KISS rule can be applied here. KISS stands for: ‘Keeping It Short & Simple’. This is very obvious and clear to keep it short so that the audience, at the end of the movie, are not sitting in a state of confusion.
  7. The Language is another important factor. That depends on the type of audience which will view the movie. But for general audience, the language must be simple enough so that they are able to grasp the message. It is important to connect the audience either by adding humour or any other emotion. Experimenting with the current trends in the market and adding them in the movie not only connect the people but also helps them to relate things with them.
  8. In a very short period of 8 minutes, everything has to be kept precise. The work of the editor is to select whatever is relevant for both the audience & the team, that should fit in the column and that should match with the frequency of the mind of the audience.
  9. Longer roles of a particular personality are generally avoided because of the short availability of time. Precise and effective roles are preferred here.
  10.  Addition of songs and poems are also neglected during a short movie because they waste excess of time and reduces the period of story which has to be shown to the audience.

These ten points are must! Another thing that I add is no matter how you make the movie, if you want to pursue your way as a movie maker, then do not just give up. No matter how bad it’ll be, one must learn from the experiences that he gains during when the wheel of time revolves.

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