Top 10 Simple Secrets making Short film a hit

Top Simple Secrets Making short film a great hit

Short films as the name suggests are the films that are not long enough to be considered as the feature film. The general length of any short film is around 40 minutes. There are many short films that are presented on the global stage like national or international film festival. This acts as a great inspiration for many people who want to make a career in directing a film but does not have the ample resource to make the big films. Another very important thing is that the demand these short films have increased in recent times. There are many reasons for that but the primary reason is the scarcity of time. The lives have become fast now a day. People are so engaged in their work that they do have time to watch a full movie. So, these people choose short movies as a source of entertainment. So, as a director of short films you have to consider many facts while making any short film. Let’s see some of these points that could help you to make your film successful.

1. The most important thing that you have to realize before making the short film is that not to keep the expectation too high. You have to realize that you have limited resources in which you have to make the film. So, you should not fanatic about the things like you see in big movies and focus on the basic things.

2. Another most important thing that you have to realize that you have to choose your target audience very carefully. This is necessary as you should produce a film that these audiences want to see.

3. You have to identify the needs and the demand of your target audience and try to implement them in your movie.

4. Most of the short films do not have the large budget or big stars. In this case, the plot and the story of the film become very important. You should choose the story very carefully and according to the demands of people.

5. The next big problem that you should focus on is deciding your crew members. It includes all the people like actor, cameraman, sound effect guy and much more. As in short movies, the quality of acting is very important. The quality of acting and expression showed by the actors are the main attraction of any short film that draws the audience toward the film.

6. The next thing that you should focus on is choosing the location that you are going to use for the film. You should try to be realistic while choosing the location. The main objective of the location is to bind the audience with the movie so that they feel connected to the movie.

7. You should produce the film not just because you want to make money. Your objective should be to enjoy the movie and to take good care of all the crew members. There will be many times when you might feel upset have to face certain issue but you have to work by taking all the crew together.

8. Realize the fact that you are making the short film. You should not try to make a film of more than 40 minutes.

9. You should the language used in the simple so that even the dumbest people could understand the concept of your movie. The main focus should be such that people should be able to get what you are trying to show your movie.

10. You should try to use whatever thing that is available to you. You need to be creative in your thoughts and should try to optimize the resources that are available to you. You should know that nothing is the waste, as everything could be used somewhere.

These were the few points that you should keep in your mind before making any short film. You should know the basic idea behind the movie and why people watch it. Most of the people watch these movies to get relaxed from their fast and busy life. So you have to take that into consideration. But after all these points there are one that you should never forget. Never give up. This is the most important point. You should keep trying to make the movies because if you work with complete dedication then one day you will get the desired result. You should never take no for the answer and try to learn from your previous mistakes. It’s always said that a good director makes many mistakes but does not repeat them twice.


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