Top 10 Exciting ways to earn income through short films

Income with your short films – An Exciting study!

Short films, nowadays have become very popular and one of the best choices for anyone to have some entertainment in less time. Students come from college during lunch time, some time is left. what to do? watch a short film. Married women who are the busiest wish to have some break, sit in front of YouTube for some time and get back to work :p.


No doubt short films are one of the best sources of entertainment. We have perks from a short film, but what do they have? Do they get anything in return for their time and money investment? Yes. How? Let’s have a look at it.

  1. First of all, many of the short filmmakers select their cast and crew from their friend’s circle. This lets them save money in a way that they don’t have to pay for the actors in their film.
  2. Also having a good camera is not very difficult and that is also a major resource for a short film.
  3. Editing is generally done by themselves. Moreover, editing is not a tough task. Editing and shooting videos can be easily learnt online for free.



All these are the ways people can save to make short films. Now let’s see how they earn money.

  1. Without any doubt, uploading a video on the social sites, especially YouTube helps them in earning a lot of money.
  2. Few create channels on their own. Having a great number of subscribers is also a way they get money.
  3. Doubt?? I have a channel, my short films are very attractive and very entertaining but I am new to this field, my channel does not have many subscribers. How do I earn money? Huh, don’t worry, sell your short films to a channel that has a good number of subscribers. As simple as that. 😀
  4. Also one can encourage ads on their videos, this will help them get a sponsor money.
  5. Film festivals are a boon to the young filmmakers. Get it seen by many people. Pay little and earn a lot.
  6. Many people also make DVD’s of it and sell it on a popular website.
  7. I have learned a lot from short films by all these ways. some trendy way? Sure, make a logo for your channel, few viral quotes regarding your channel and use it on the customized products to sell them. No doubt, more than half of the population is loving customized products as a gift.
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