Theory of Shortfilm Film Making

      Simple Secrets on Making Shortfilm

                                             -mayant shubham

“I have a theory that movies operate on the level of dreams, where you dream yourself.”

― Meryl Streep.

Strory telling is an art , and everybody are not in possession of it , only some are blessed with this storytelling or rather say that ‘they know how to transform their stories into the dreams of the society .

It is written somewhere that ” movies are the mirror of the society” , society gets what it wants to see in the movies any movies ever made is made on the basic of the choice of the people   living in the society what they wants to see .

if you are reading this that means you probably wants to make a short film or had tried but failed to make it , or had made it but are unable to get that amount of appericiation that your movies deserves.  All storytellers has  been there. they pour their hearts and souls into a short film, but then once it’s done, nothing seems to happen. No one sees your short film, it doesn’t get into that film festival, it doesn’t get many “views,” .

So here are the simple secret of making a short films ;

1: Determine the genre. and outline of the idea , the most important thing in making any film irrespective of short  film or full featured film , determination of genre is the most crucial and important part , its the like the foundation of a multi storey building where building is the movie. now since you had chosen your genre , Outline your idea. Write out your script, ( you can use Celtx;) if you have never written a script before, pick up a book that explains script writing and character development, and that—along with the Celtx program (if you need it) will be all you will need.

2: Then consider the following points while writing or developing the secene Character development, Plot development  , Inciting incident , Character arc. after this you will be needing Story boards ,Story-board each shot in the film. Decide what each shot in the movie is going to be. For example, wide shot, over the shoulder, tracking shot, close up, extreme close up, medium wide shot.

3: Now ,Decide what you need for each scene. This is called a breakdown sheet. Then determine the setting of the scene. Is it external (EXT) or internal (INT)? Determine the equipment you are going to need.

4: Now since you have got all of your non living things ready its time for putting life in your short film using Casts and Crew that you are going to need .Choose your actors very wisely because all kind of role dosen’t  suits on everybody , Hold auditions for your actors. Make sure when you audition your them, they are right for the character, they should have similar attitudes, they should pretend they are the character they are portraying. That way, you could have the right person for the job and won’t be able to mess their character during your production filming .

5: Rehearse the short film.

6:Do not trust what you see in the view finder. It is not always accurate, so remember to look with your own eyes, and review the film you take after each shot.

Remember: Anyone can record an image, but that is not making a film.

7: Then its time for you to  say these magical word  LIGHTS , CAMERA aaaaaand ACTION……

and remember to enjoy each and every second of making your shortfilms.

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