Short film to feature film- A Transition!

The short filmmakers never sound to make only short films. All they aspire is to finally get a name as a director in the feature film community. But it’s a big leap and they need to give something in extra to fill the big shoes as a “feature film director”. The director needs to learn the art of enhancing his short film skills and make a feature film. Initially, the director might struggle in finding the right place, right crew and right story. This is an important turn around in the filmmaker’s life and one needs to work out all these things carefully. One needs to build himself accordingly, so that, though it might be his first work it’ll be of critical and commercial acclaim. Hence the director needs to learn the art of balancing the bridge between the two poles.

Not all right things happen at right time, but right things happen!

The Essentials

Being the first film in the big acclaimed area, the director must learn what are all the elements that he missed in a short film. As, when it comes to feature films, the art of filling the content is inevitable. It makes even short and simple stories to look grand. Coming from a short film background, the director should instinctively have the art of presenting a crisp story. And most importantly the director should be more professional in his approach in this platform. Also, the director requires a lot of patience before getting his first chance as it’s too competitive!

The Script

The script is the primary and the most important thing that the new director should focus on. The script is also the first thing that impresses a producer. So, the script plays the pivotal role in a feature film. Accustomed to writing short scripts that are filmed 20-40min the director should invariably adapt himself in writing scripts that fill about 1-2 hours. The director must incorporate the much essential fillers such as comedies, songs, action sequence and many of such sorts. These keep the audience engaging through out the film. Innovative scripts are always welcomed by the audience.The art of managing the script and filling the content is the biggest gap between these two.

All that you could carry is your hope, but hope is just more than enough to carry your crew!

The Crew

Just as you step into the new big arena, you need hefty weapons to take on it. And a director’s weapons is not only his script, but also his CREW. The crew members are those who acknowledge your effort and come along. So, it’s direly important to choose the right crew without any conflict of interest in higher scale.

Fund management

Having been a part of short films for a long period, the area of promotion might be totally new. But without the factor of promotions, no film would have been successful. So, it’s essential that one needs to promote his movie which involves some money, that was not spent in a short film. Hence the fund that is to be used must be properly short-listed before approaching a producer.

So, in my opinion, these are some entities that are inevitable for a short filmmaker when he wishes to walk in the big arena and succeed.

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