Ways in Which You Can Increase Your Shortfilm Views

In today’s digital world, communication through videos is a trending affair. Short films are one of the most effective and transparent way to communicate, mostly to promote culture, ethnic values and to highlight socio economic and political issues. It might not always have a controversial theme behind it; short films are also made solely for entertainment purposes. Many struggling writers and directors are coming up with their ideas for short films every day but only a few are able to gain attention.

Ever wondered why some short films make it to the cut while other goes unnoticed, I am going to tell you why. Making a short film is not a piece of cake, there are several prerequisites. Given below are the methods for making an engaging short film and increase its views


The most important part in making a short film is its theme. Choose a topic that is catchy, the first thing someone notices in a short film is its topic so choose it wisely. Make sure it is not offensive. For example, choose a sensitive topic that can attract a large number of viewers. It need not to be a burning political affair you can even choose a topic on a smaller level like about daily family affairs, or about children etc.


Storyline matters the most, it is the content of your short film and the basis on which your film will be judged. Don’t elaborate your storyline unnecessarily, cut it to chase. Don’t add scenes which are not significant as the name suggest it is suppose to be “short”. Make sure the story arouses interest of the viewers. Make it entertaining, nobody likes monotonous. It can be witty, humorous or a satire, just make sure it reaches the viewers.


The next big step towards a successful short film is its promotion. Collect viewers for your film; tell people what it is about by creating a website about it or with the help of different social networking sites. If you choose the former, make sure your site have all the necessary information about the film i.e. information about cast, where they can find it etc. Design your website in accordance with your film, if suppose the film is about childhood, maybe having colourful layout would be helpful. Design it in such a way that it represents the main idea about your film. If you choose the latter i.e. social networking sites, choose Twitter and Face book. Make a fan page about it. The main idea of this promotion via social networking sites is to aware more and more public about it. Hold contest and quizzes related to the film and distribute prizes which are related to film. Like poster of the film signed by the cast etc.


Submitting your story to film festivals is huge. Although it is not that big of a deal, it can surely gain fruitful results. Competition is escalating day by day so before submitting the film make sure it is a good fit. Seek out for those festivals which deal with the same genre as your film. Submitting the film can be a costly affair, you should make a budget considering all the costs. Cost of submission and certain costs which you incur upon attending the fest also count.


Apart from the above given aspects, there are several other things to keep in mind while making a short film. It is these little things that keep your story interesting and engaging. Have you ever watched a movie which had this strong storyline but it was not executed properly? Did you like it? No you didn’t, No one would, because a good film not just constitute of a good story. Scripting, editing, shooting raising funds and planning are some of the little things that matters hugely. You don’t have to be an expert in film making, a proper strategy and planning is the key for your success.

After you are done with all your pre and post production activities, do the final most important thing, just relax. Don’t let your nerves get the better of you; remember whatever you do success and failure are part of life. Just do what you feel right other things will align itself accordingly.

Now that we have given you all the necessary tips you need for a successful film making, you are good to go. All the best!!!

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