Tips and Tricks to Create an Engaging Shortfilm and Increase it’s Views

We see many short films doing their rounds on the internet but only a few are able to captivate the viewers and lure them into actually hitting the ‘play’ button and watching the film, right?

So, here are a few tips that can come in handy to ensure that it’s your short film that’s being raved about on the internet and is getting its dues!

First off!

The theme that you choose is of utmost importance. You could choose a routine topic or something that’s totally out of the box, but remember to make a point. Don’t cut copy paste what’s already an accepted opinion, because all you are doing then is reinforcing what’s already out there onto the audience. Do your homework well enough, and by that I mean, do your research thoroughly. Don’t go out there stating things you are totally unsure of. Avoid shooting in the dark.

Yes, your (the directors’) point of view matters but that doesn’t give you the leverage to say all you think out loud. Show them (the viewers) that your take on something stems from solid facts and isn’t just arguments: hence you MUST do your research.

Remember, concurring is a wonderful thing! But a different angle to the whole issue is even better. Now that you have in mind what your theme is, you can move to the next part, which is ‘making a point’ in your film. SAY IT OUT CLEAR. Make a concrete point instead of showcasing a virtual moral lesson on DO’s AND DON’Ts. No one likes to waste their time in going through things like that.

The plot must always make a connection with the audience. We all have different opinions but it all stems from the same crux. So, all you have to do is crack that crux and there! you have a solid connect with your audience.

Coming to the characters…

They must all be in sync with one another. Just like ingredients help bring out the perfect recipe, the characters do the same for a plot.

Next off!

Time is your game. A major difference between a short film and a feature film is TIME. You can say it all with a short as well as a feature film, but remember Time and Point go hand in hand. Unraveling the plot at the right time is what helps in making a great director. Don’t make the viewers play a jigsaw puzzle with your scenes.

Please don’t be didactic! It can be REALLY jejune. Your short film is a stepping stone into your direction career. It can swing either way so make sure it swings your way!!

The technicalities of it all:

The name says it all. Don’t use long sentences or utterly obscure words. The last thing the viewers wish to do is google your movie’s name and then decide whether to watch it at all or not. Don’t put them to work. The name is a prelude to the movie. It says all about the film without saying anything at all! So hit the nail on the head. Let’s not forget how important it is to make sure that your lighting goes in with the mood of the film and its scenes. Don’t make a kaleidoscope out of your lighting. Then of course there is usage of the right types of microphones and other equipment that help in creating the film. Also, it’s always good to thank, so make sure you append the names of all those people who helped you in making the movie in the credits. It goes a LONG way!

All in All keep these tips in mind, remember to speak your mind, do not indulge in plagiarism, be succinct, and give your audience a reason to view your film. Follow these and voila! you have yourself a highly viewed short film doing its rounds on the internet.

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