The Simplest Secrets & Reasons of a Short filmmaker life

Working with a camera is always fun and interesting and if you’re good at it you can go way further with those hidden talents that are hidden inside of you. Making a short film is one of the interesting things one can do with a camera and it’s basically not a rough job, to begin with, and so let me tell some of the simple secrets of making short films. Whenever, wherever you go with any of your DSLR or go pro cameras or video cameras and you find some moments that are worth capturing like travelling, having fun with your friends and family, pets or just anything else that captures your eyes at glance, just record everything and believe me you’re going to treasure and love it when you play it and that’s when you get the gist that you can do something good with all the memories that you collected. Something big always starts when it starts with the grass root level and so these little things can keep you going on making your ideas and dreams bigger if you want it to.

A short film always has things that happen around everywhere from a child’s laughter to a retired professor’s sad life story and in the end, there is always a conclusion of understanding and learning. Short films are basically made where there’s inspiration, understanding and knowledge that the world needs to see and what the short filmmaker is trying to show to the people. Short Filmmakers always look for things that are unseen or the ideas they have that needs to be put in action whether it’d be dramatic, entertaining or inspirational. A Short filmmaker should find his/her interest in the littlest of things, understand it, review it and then come to a conclusion on what works should be done. Social media has too many of short films these days and if they’re good, people love it! And that is exactly what is needed to happen. If you have increased number of viewers then you are good to go.

Short and simple always find it’s way for something good to happen like for example if you see kids around you being smarter and funnier than their age or is different on another level, you can film it and put your ideas with comparing with other kids of the same age or kids that are fighting serious illness in hospitals that have poor economy background, you can make a short film on how these kids need special help and care and show it to the people.

Believe me! This short film will not only get lots of viewers but also there will be people trying to reach out to those kids and help them in many ways. There was a kid in England who made thousands and thousands of soft toys just to give them to the kids with severe cancers in hospitals because the boy just thought that the kids would be lonely and need some company, how thoughtful of him and his story was made into a short film where it was also shown that the boy’s father was also diagnosed with cancer earlier and the boy made a toy for his father just so that the father don’t get any pain with the sickness. The boy was just happy with the smiles he got when he offered his toys to the kids. You see! one can do a lot many things with short films and stories, interesting stories are told to the people that they need to know and people actually receive something from these stories.

Hearing out to everyone is very necessary because one doesn’t live in the situation of others and when you tell people these stories through films, it becomes more of a reason. There is no doubt that people won’t react to your short films if all these matters are included. Always find a way to inspiration, explore your mind in many possible ways, give your thoughts and ideas a chance to speak through films and make it informative as well as entertaining. In this era of the world, the film speaks in a better way to let the stories be told.

There is no harm in letting the world know what you can do and as a matter of fact if you believe it, you can do it and if you are good at it positive energy flows everywhere. So, HAPPY FILMING!

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