Top 5 Criteria that makes up a successful filmmaker

Short films can be considered as start-ups where people are passionate in film-making. Owning a DSLR kit doesn’t make someone a good film-maker. Short films are gateways to claim success in film industry.

The criteria for a good film maker is as follows:

  1. Face the odds:

Making a short film is a very difficult job. Many problems might arise during the shooting. So, have backup plans for your backup plans.

2. Dedication:

Focus on your work. Make sure that you have a dedicated team. Because success depends on teamwork too.

3. Be frank:

If your work has to be done don’t be too shy to ask help from professionals. Be humble when asking a favour, but be bold to push others to get their best work.

4. Performance:

Your great resource is your performance. Motivation comes only from how well you performed by the end of your day. Just focus on performance.

5. Keep learning:

Firstly, feel free in story-telling. Keep pushing yourself. Keep reinventing your ideas and imagination.

Keep believing that your short film will one day end up in you tube.

Some short film makers:

Anurag Kasyap: A controversial film-maker known for his work Black friday.

Navjot Gulati: Best known for the short film Best Girlfriend.

Credits: Jyothsna Priya kattakinda

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