Short filmmaker: Entrepreneur by thought; leaders by act

Lifestyle of Short filmmakers

Each and every day in our life is like a movie, in which we are the lead role and all others play their role in your life.Some will gain knowledge through their education, others through their experience. But according to psychology, every human is learning something new from each film he/she watches.

Lights, Camera, Rolling, Action!!!

Short filmmaker – it is one of the words, which describes many people’s passion, aim, hard work, success and even failure too. Short filmmakers are

like startup founders. Both of them have a lot of similarities between them. Short filmmakers are actually entrepreneur by thought and leaders by the act. Nowadays travel becomes short but the experience remains the same. Starting from test match to T20, Bus travel to Hyperloop, hardcover books to PDF, entertainment is also evolved much in its own terms. you don’t always need three hours movies to express or understand something, maybe five minutes short film can do that.

The short film is not meant it’s less effort, actually, its has much extensive effort than silver screen movies.Let’s see short filmmakers qualities in their lifestyle which makes them great for their art.

The story is everywhere: They began to search the story in everywhere in their day-to-day life and pick what touches the most. Every action may or may not have a reaction but they believe that every person has his/her own story. Their fine sensitivity of forward thinking made them relate stories with unrelated things.

Minimalist thinking approach – short is art.

World becoming short in everything, so the way of expressing thoughts are also getting short and deep. Now we are taking less time to travel much distance similarly short films gives long travel experience in short span of time.

FB likes, shares, comments, and views are the new mode of encouragement:

Inspiration and encouragement can come from anywhere and anytime in the world, sometimes unknown people may notice your talent whereas well-known people missed noticing. Short filmmakers give much care to social audience. In the social world, they face lots of people who are not familiar with each other, but these alien-stars are the source of motivation for these people.

Think big, start small:

Every expert once beginner – this is how every creator nurturing themselves. So short filmmakers too.

Learn from feedback:

Listen to everyone’s opinion but follow opinion from your heart. Be open to listening everyone’s feedback, acceptance is the another step in maturity. Short filmmakers are love to hear the audience. They want to closely work with the reality of the world.

Listening and Reading:

Every creator should be a great observer, listener, and reader. They start to observe anything from starting of the day. They may be scared to experiment in chemistry lab but in their art every day they do an experiment to get untold chemistry between characters.

Do with what you have:

Short filmmakers are the kind of people who are happy with what they have, they won’t wait for much time to get everything fine. They will execute anything with what they have in hand. You don’t always need multiplex theater to showcase your film, YouTube, Shortfundly are more than enough to showcase your talent. is on the other hand to express your musical spirits.

Restless passion:

Passion is the only factor that driving them crazy. For others, it may be nothing but for themselves it is everything. 3D’s are important for every short filmmaker – Determination, Dedication, and Discipline in work. This is how we can define short filmmakers passion.

The team is the best theme:

You cannot be successful in a big way alone. You need help. You need an audience. It does not matter what your dream is. Appreciation is the greatest gift for mankind and motivation from surroundings helps to reach greater positions. The best team can create the best theme, this is how short filmmakers build their team with love and care. They build the team with emotional. this is the reason they making successful combination even after making the successful mark on a silver screen like director Atlee’s cinematographer George C. Williams and much more.

Everyone is Kamala Hassan – multi-talented:

When you don’t have many things then you should be everything. Makers are not the boss, actually, they are the original leaders. They invest themselves in building their craft. Short filmmakers are really likely to be initiator so that we can see them in multiple roles like direction, music, acting etc. They treat everyone with warm-hearted.

Credits: Ramya Chinnadurai (Content Writing Intern Applicant At shortfundly)

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