Requirements of a great shortfilm

Making a short film is like a passion for some new filmmakers. It gives them a chance to explore their imaginative skills at a whole new level . Of course there are lesser chances to get notified in a single day but persistence towards making short film will ultimately lead into success. Now coming on to the tips to get your screenplay notified are explained ahead.

Social Platform – Websites like YouTube gives us social platform to reach to global audience besides film festivals also offer short film programs. Nowadays trailers of short film in form of images or a still of an act is launched before launching of short film. These trailers and advertisement strategies have taken over posters and banners that in old days. The social platform also led into improvement in economics of making short movies with crowd funding & incomes from ads on short films like from YouTube.

A Good Script – A proper narrated script is an essential part of making a good short film. It makes the production much easier than going with a brushed up idea in mind which will ultimately lead into wastage of time and money. The length of script must not be too long. Short film of about 15 minutes is perfect duration for short film not more than time. People don’t want to waste their time in a longer film. Other than this thinking differently & creatively by writer is also an important factor.

Casting – A good actor or actress can always leave a positive imprint on viewer. So it is also necessary to choose right person for that particular character that one wants to represent. The body language and acting abilities are key points which make him/her stand out among others.

Efficient Exposition – It’s a tricky part behind making short films. Too much expositional dialogues must be avoided while making shorter film. More you can say about the short story without actually saying it, the better will it generally be at the end. Shorter the film, more the chances to get notified. Explaining the important stuff quickly is important part.

 Location – Scouting for a proper location according to your screenplay is must while making short film. The tone and lightning at that location signifies a lot behind the scene. A darker orange background shows anger & rage while brighter lighting signifies happiness & cool environment. These little things eventually says a lot of the story, it also attracts the viewers as they can relate to the character.

Practice & More Practice – The more you practice on film making, more you can improve with time. The art of story telling develops with more & more film making. You don’t have to worry about the failures rather than to go ahead and make a film. Gradually you will attract more audience and then they will be like the film. Apart from this audio quality must be good if you are making a film. Any viewer won’t like to watch a film with poor audio quality. Better the story, audio quality and lighting eases your way towards better short film.

Camera Position & Lightning – The shooting of scenes of your short film signifies your creativity. You can fill the scenes with realism with good shooting skills. Nowadays another way of getting your short film notified is by making a music video which relates to your story as much as it can. A music video can be an easy and attractive way to catch the attention of audience. For this you can take help of your musician friend or else one. You should also keep looking for the short films competitions which can bring lots of money. Keeping in mind that your short film will probably end up on YouTube. The more you can get Internet viewers to share your movie with other people, you will have chance of achieving a great thing.

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