Top Reasons to Submit your Short film to a Film Festival

What are SHORT Films? Well for most of us, this is a much heard term. To today’s audience, a short film is basically a film of small length that comes with a deep message. A film which, for each person watching, has a different meaning, a different calling, a reason to get inspired or such. But in midst of all these we always readily appreciate the efforts. Complementing their skills, the usual “ISSE TO OSCAR MILNA CHAHIYE” banter. But we always ignore this, how should the film get that award?

We as Humans have a natural tendency to be afraid. And this, in modern times has risen to such a grave extent that most of us are now even too afraid to try. This is not related and limited to one field only. Wherever we go, we find people who rise up by trying, and those who don’t. Failure and Success are two sides of the same coin. Where we find accomplished filmmakers ready to take on the next project, we have some newbies who are too afraid to take a risk. For most of them, most of us, it is usually the same scenario. We are too afraid to even try. But this has to change sometime. And this changes NOW.

First and foremost of all reasons to submit a short film on a global level is that it can trying never hurts. It may be a success, it may be a failure. But we will never know which is which without trying. Trying is the first step before anything. If we try, at least we have a chance. On the other hand, not trying leads to the same place, with fear as an addition. As Roosevelt rightly said “We only have to fear fear itself”.

Also, nowadays we see a lot of film festivals happening. These Award Festivals now pander to global audience. So now all filmmakers have an easy chance of displaying and sending their work into the hearts of every man and woman around the globe, irrespective of caste, creed, sex etc. And it will always work because like-minded people will automatically get what you wanted to say, and others will complement your efforts too. Uploading it on the internet, watching in short busts does not work as much as a Film Festival.

The major advantages of submitting your work is that you get widespread recognition, appreciation for efforts, and a major boost to confidence. As we all know, the better the support, stronger the motivation, better is the output.

There was a movie named Dead Poets Society featuring the Late Robin Williams. In the movie, he played an English teacher John Keating. Among his students, he repeats “CARPE DIEM!” meaning “seize the day”. This, I find is the most important motivating factor. If we wait for the opportunity, it may pass. But if we seize the moment, we control the moment. We inspire ourselves to believe that it is I, who is the master of my own fate, and from now on I will write my own destiny. If a normal student can get so motivated by this, Just imagine how much a critically acclaimed person be. And just imagine the quality of his/her work that we get to see.

In the end, it is to the filmmaker what he chooses. After all, we are what we choose to be. But we live in the modern times, where filmmakers have a nice platform for their work i.e. the Film Festivals. In the end the choice lies with them. But remember success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Even though most of us tend to not try to rise, we should try to expand our horizons, to look back in time and realize there is nothing bad about failing, similar to nothing good with not trying. What is more, sometimes things turn out unexpected. So Carpe Diem. GO Seize The Day.

“ Always bear in mind, that your own resolution to succeed is more important than anything.”
                                                                                                                     Abraham Lincoln

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