How do I Promote my Shortfilm?

  1. Create a attractive website which represent the short film best and wonderful:- To promoting short film, the website will be more colorful and design able to attract people towards that. In today’s connected world even movies need to have websites. Apart from being a good promotion tool , a website can also serve as home base , where people get updates about film, sign up as a member , or even buy tickets to watch film. Don’t feel like to go flashy, keep it simple and succinct.
  1. Keep a process journal about the making of the film:- Instead of only writing it on paper with pen post it publicly online. By posting it publicly many peoples will get to know about this short film. Keep this on website so that visitors can view it any time. Always keep updating the status that will make sure that audiences are up to date with film.
  2. Capturing email address:- Make sure to capture audience’s email addresses using a dedicated call to action form or with an RSS feed , it keeps them in the know with what’s going on with film. Getting the email addresses of all visitors will help in identifying fan bases, whether it is a particular, demographic , race or country. This allows to fine tune promotion strategy which can be useful for future short film marketing programs.
  3. Social Networking:- Create Facebook page , Twitter feed, and a google plus account encourage friends family to share it. Social networking sites are the great ways of interacting with people. social networking is the buzzword in promotion. Keep updating feeds with interesting factoids , like milestone checks , countdown to launch and so on . Engage audience with contest or fun games that they will most likely recommend to others.
  4. Create own video space:- People tend to avoid reading more than 200-300 word articles and any video longer then 2 minutes so create a short video by which they don’t get bored. If we want that our audiences to invest in watching anything longer , be sure that it is worth their time to watch .
  5. Create a Head Scratching teaser:- There’s no better promotion tool then peaking audience’s curiosity and there’s no better way to do it than by making a teaser. A teaser trailer is meant to make audience want to know what happened in short- film. Curious minds talk a lot, and a well – executed teaser has the potential to make short film a hot topic.
  6. Create Jaw Dropping trailer:- Release your trailer after released head scratching teaser. Everyone is seriously dying to know what movie is about. A trailer is a great way to give your audience more insight into your short film ; but not reveal too much and never make trailer too long.
  7. Submit to film festivals:- There are many movie festivals going on at any given time in the world, try getting into one. Film festivals are a great way to promote short films. When the mvie get accepted , find out what online movie bloggers, or print columnists are going to that particular festival.
  8. Submit to online film sites:- Once you have hit the film festival circuit, do the same online. This shows off the film to an even greater audience. The more places we get film seen or written about the better . whether it is a amateur or professional movie blogger, or even something else like fashion blogger writing about movie that increases film’s visibility.
  9. Submit to T.V channels:- There are some T.V channels which promotes short film and T.V channels are the great way to interact with thousands of people because, now days all the person who are rich or poor watching television so by television channels many people get to know about that short film.

11. Promote films at shopping complex or public areas:- The shopping complex Malls,                    cinemas etc are very crowded area, so this is the great way to interact with peoples and tell            them about that film by this method many people will get to know about that film.


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