Speculation to cringe your ShortFilm to a Film Festival

Reasons to Submit your Shortfilm to Film Festival

  1. For going out of your comfort zone

Being in the film industry is mostly about exploring yourself, learning, going out of your comfort zone. When you go to a film festival to showcase your short film, you not only step out of your comfort zone, but you see the work of many more people. People whom you don’t know, who may not have the same set of interests or values as you but share one thing – the desire to create something. And when you go out, you see other people’s perspectives too, which is ideally the way an film person, it can be actor, director, anyon – can learn the most.

2.To increase viewership

When a short film gets an award, it becomes more popular. Think about it – many people may not know about your film, but film festivals are popular, and many have a decent following too. So, if you win something over there, are nominated, or even just mentioned or ppraised in some way, you get a part of that following. You get a chance to tell them that hey, I’m here too!

3. For money

Now, if your film manages to impress a number of people, chances are high that you might win an award or a title, which many times are accompanied with some green (read money). Some charge money, but many good festivals allow free entry into the competitions, and nearly every one of them has very attractive awards

4.To network

This one’s sort of a no brainer. When you go to a film festival, you’ll be surrounded by people who share the same passion as yours. They may contribute in different ways, some act, some direct, some are involved in production and technical stuff, and often you’ll find people who do more than one of these things. Them, and some rich people too, who want to be richer, ad would be looking for someone new and upcoming. You just might find a producer for your dream short film!

5.For feedback

When you find people of your industry, you would also find some feedback. While most of the feedback might not be that significant or even true, and some people might be trying to pull your leg, most of them would be people who have some experience and know what they are talking about. They could tell you what’s working (and what’s not) regarding some precise details which non-film people might take some time to notice.


Parties are the action of any film festival. It can be free food, free booze, it could be well dressed people who are generally a bit shy but magically bring out their inner beast, anything. But you’ll have to admit that seeing a number of well dressed people around is a good treat for the eyes

7.You love films!

That biggest reason you’re making films is because you love them! And when you go, you get to not only showcase you work, but see the work of a lot of other people as well, which is in itself so good, even better than a free buffet which has milk cakes and chocolate…wait, I might have said too much.

8.You might find other ways to earn money

You might find an company interested in placing a product in one of your future ventures, who may want to put your film on their platform (eg, a popular YouTube channel), someone who is interested in buying your film to make it into a feature film, and even more!

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