Don’t be Shy of Film Festivals

A film-festival is a platform to showcase films where film-makers share their work and get to see the work of other film-makers. It is a significant event for aspiring film-makers who get to know about more people who have been working hard to make films and share it. Many a times working aloof doesn’t allow an artist to know where we stand in the crowd. It is these films in the film-festivals, which informs a film-maker regarding the current scenario of film-making, genres and popular taste of the society.
Film-festivals are also a means to encourage film-makers as prizes are put up to appreciate those who have really been able to produce good films. Another important aspect is that if you are able to win, you get exposure which could build your career. Often veteran film-makers seek young film-makers to assist them. All of this happens through film festivals. Often people who are aware of the fact that Film-festivals are gathering of film-making community, participate to find alike people, seek partnership over projects or even do networking.
There couldn’t be a better opportunity for a budding film-maker to showcase films than a Film Festival. Each time we create a film, we are shy to showcase it. The reason could be our own Judgement or maybe the fear of being judged by others. But we forget the fact that sharing from our end and feedback from the audiences is very important for any film-maker to grow. Of course one will face difficulties while confronting critics in the form of a friend, a judge or an audience. But the fact remains that the film was created with the prime objective of screening it for the people.
Film-making certainly is a group task which requires people at three stages: Pre- production, Production and Post-production. And it is really difficult to choose right team for a film. Film-festivals allow you to see the work of some of the upcoming musicians, sound technicians, cinematographers and editors. It helps you to know people through their work, to network with them, appreciate them or may be critique them. All this is a part of a film-festival. Often established film-makers are more enthusiastic about film-festivals because they understand how important these festivals are for the industry.
Whether you are an amazing film-maker or a one doubtful about his body of work, always learn to share because film-making isn’t process in vacuum. It is an art which has to be shared. Who knows? It may change somebody’s opinion, views or perspectives. And it is always nice to hear a crowd, look at people while they watch your film or meet a fan you just made after screening your film.
Most of the young film-makers or those new to this art are scared of getting booed by the audiences or maybe criticized by peers and the judges. But this should help in constructing you and it should also help in knowing how people identify your work. Sometimes your belief can overshadow them. Few years back a budding film- maker had screened his films in a celebrated college festival. The film was about his childhood nostalgia with a remote place where he once lived and the friends he made there. After the screening someone from the audiences asked film-maker that why did he made this film? The film-maker replied I did it because I wanted to. He was so sure of his work and on sharing it with others through his film that the answer earned him an applause.

It’s okay to fail to convince an audience and it is absolutely fine not able to win in a film festival but it would be a great loss not to participate in one. Film fraternity since inception of films have considered film-festivals to be the most important of all events. Each film festival is historic in terms of forging new alliances amongst film- makers, exploring upcoming genres and styles of films and celebrating films as the most sought out medium of Art.

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