Bridging Cultures through Cinema

A film festival is held in a single city to screen films from different areas at one screening venue. Film festivals in India; attract a lot of people, including the foreigners. In case of an international film festival, films from different countries are screened. It promotes the idea of filmmaking and culture of each country. Film festival provides a unique platform for an exchange of ideas, culture, and experiences between India and other countries in the field of cinema.  It also provides a powerful platform for Indian cinema and opens commercial opportunities for Indian films.

Cinema is the most powerful medium of communication. And if we are talking about short films; they are actually gaining ground in today’s world. Making a short film is all the rage for upcoming filmmakers. Some make them for the love of cinema, while others to win the competition. Shortfundly, a Chennai-based platform where filmmakers whether budding or experienced meet their needs and enable these individuals to promote their work.

About Shortfundly

Shortfundly is a dedicated platform for creative filmmakers to share and submit short films in film festival events. It is also a community to watch unlimited latest short films, teasers and meet celebrities. We, at Shortfundly, are trying to get our films out to a larger audience in a rich and diverse content internet ecosystem. Every short filmmaker following his passion travels tough financial and technical roads to reach the pinnacle of heights.

Shortfundly is an online video platform to help in bringing the collections of short films for short-film actors, enthusiasts, short film lovers and directors across the globe to search and save their favorite short films. Everybody starts small, showcase their talent on our platform and reach out to millions of short film viewers from all over the world. It is where we believe in making the best Indian films accessible and great stories to be shared.  This unique platform will help to get more views to short films like never before and provide an incredible rating. This rating, reviews, and feedback will help filmmakers get an idea where they need to work on and improve their skill set. This is a must use platform for all aspiring short-film makers.

At Shortfundly, we believe the filmmakers require those reviews and feedbacks. Additionally, it serves as a reliable platform for short filmmakers to look for inspirational short films and provides a wonderful opportunity to interact with short film experts.

We have started collecting 20,000+ short films to different categories from the new age filmmakers. Apart from that, this portal will also use its contacts to promote the films in the short film festival circuit. We share plenty of films every day. Shortfundly enables users to easily discover, watch and share short films from India not just within the web browser; you can experience the brilliant picture and great sound quality of Shortfundly in all your devices Anywhere, Anytime.

Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audience to enable a wide range and accessible market for short films and becoming the leading micro-cinema or short film platform. Shortfundly is the planet of the short film industry. It will keep expanding with a lot of energy and billion opportunities to be explored. Short film Industry is people-connected platform and unleashes its power for global impact.

In one statement, Shortfundly acts as the LinkedIn group for all short filmmakers in India.

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